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Sweater weather by Betneybob
Sweater weather

so lately I've been obsessing over the song "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood…  and this obsession has inspired a lot of sketches, which includes this one. I just love it so much >3<

I was going to shade it but for some reason I think it look better as flat colours.

I've also been drawing Lacey a lot lately...I better start giving my others ocs more love XD

Hope you like x
Lacey sating sim lol by Betneybob
Lacey sating sim lol

This is has been a WIP for a while now so I took a break from college work to finish it off. I was really inspired by a wonderful piece by the wonderful :iconkeilani2k76: which can be found here <da:thumb id="477879866"> .   I don't have the tools to turn this into a proper game but I would love to. :D It was so much fun to make.

I am going to be making more with different characters when I can and I might eventually open it up as a commission type...maybe.

I (obviously) didn't make the background, by that point I was just so done... the background is a screenshot of Lucy's street in Fairy Tail that I got off google. Though I have been practising  backgrounds for my college work so hopefully I'll be able to make decent ones myself and not just my usual crappy ones.

Hope you like x
Pixel by Betneybob

I've been practising pixel art for my college project because we're doing about 2D games and doing 8bit style stuff.

I'm putting this on here to show you guys what I've been doing and because I don't feel it's appropriate to put into my college work. I might post some of my other stuff at some point. :D

So here's Nocturna in a t-shirt...yeah

Hope you like x 
Edwina Gates by Betneybob
Edwina Gates

This is an oldish oc that has been remade and given a new role. Here we have Edwina Gates, aka Kookie, a well known tattoo model as well as a member of the Hidden Force. I'm working on her profile in another window as we speak so I'll be putting that up soon. :D

Hope you like x
Miwa design sheet by Betneybob
Miwa design sheet

Here's another Bleach oc for my group, Hidden Force.

I'm going to put her profile here:

----Personal Information----

 Miwa Igarashi
Age: N/A
Birthday Doesn't have an actual one but has chosen July 12th 
Species: shinigam
Race: N/a
Sexual Preference: Questioning
Relationship: Single


Significant Other: none

Known Family: none

---Professional Information----

Affiliation: Gotei 13/Hidden Force
Rank: None
Former rank: none
Partner: Edwina Gates or Blake Chu

Height: 5'4
Weight: 137lbs
Eyes: Honey coloured, deep set eyes
Hair Doesn't have hair on her head but does have black eyebrows.
Build/body: Miwa has an hourglass figure with c-cup breasts. She is toned but not very athletic looking in her build and has beige skin.

Distinguishing features:
--Has snakes instead of hair
-- Red jewel merged with her flesh
--The number 35 branded onto the back of her left thigh.
-- Hidden force logo on the front of her right thigh.

-Miwa wears a modified version if the shinigami uniform with a cropped of the black top,with rolled up sleeves, that is normally quite wide open with a red crop top underneath. She wears black leggings with knee high boots. She also wears a red head band along with a grey headscarf.

- In a gigai, Miwa tends to wear a black hoodie that is several sizes too big with a white crop top underneath, also with black leggings and high top trainers.


--When she was created, Miwa was made to fit her personality around those she's with and never gained much of her own. She can change who she is very quickly and can be anyone she's asked to be. Though as she gained some freedom she decided she wanted to be someone and now she's created a persona that she hopes she can become if she pretends enough. 

-- The person she tries to be is kind and considerate, bubbly and outgoing but she does struggle to maintain this act. Really she is quiet and finds it difficult to take an interest in what others are saying, no matter how much she wants to. She's still learning to understand things like humour which does often show. Miwa can also be quite dull to talk to because of her lack of enthusiasm and flat, robotic tone, though as she gains experience in the world she does improve on this and does get closer to being who she wants to be.

--By design Miwa is a follower who never asks questions. She'll do whatever she's told with no thought of the consequences.

-- Miwa struggles a lot in relationships because she tries to hard to be someone else which always causes trouble. She also dislikes physical interaction even though she really wants to be able to cuddle up to her partner and show them affection. Though after a while she is more willing to interact with them.

--In combat Miwa tries to get things done as quickly as possible. She doesn't tend to interact with an opponent and sees them as an object to make things easier. 

(I may try to add more to this later)

Major quirks/habits
- Miwa can sleep pretty much anywhere and in any position. 
-She has a very good posture but tends to make make people uncomfortable with how constant it is and her ability to sit perfectly still for long periods of time.
-In her spare time, Miwa enjoys reading and learning about the world
-When being herself she's very robot like and does a lot of things that make others feel uncomfortable for example, too much eye contact, overly firm grip etc.
-Miwa is very afraid of people seeing her head snakes and will do whatever she can to stop others from seeing.
-When she takes an interest in something she will obsess over it and research the hell out of it until she gets bored.
-Has no idea how to interact with animals or children.
-She's named her weapon so she can feel like she has a zanpaktou like those she works with.

Speech mannerisms
- Miwa has a very monotone voice that is a little on the deeper side.
-She doesn't have much of an accent but can easily replicate pretty much all accents.
-Does swear but not that often.

----Abilities---- (These will be brief because I'm sleepy)

--Poison immunity- Miwa's was designed to be immune to poison which is effective. (I have an idea on why and stuff but I want it to be somewhat realistic but I don't understand science stuff so I'm going to carry on researching and come back to this.)

--Hand to hand- With a mix of high strength and months of intense training in hand to hand Miwa doesn't need a weapon to fight. She's trained in a large range of styles.

--Intelligence- Miwa was made with to be extremely intelligent so that she'd be able to learn information quickly as well as adapt to new situations with ease.

--Agility- Miwa is very flexible and can move her body into a range of positions with ease.

--Speed- Miwa's creator made her to be faster than most so that it'd be easier to get enemies with her poison.

--Poison- Miwa has poison in her bloodstream that she uses in combat. Small tubes in her wrists gather the blood and send it to sacs attached to her blades that give the blade it's poisonous sting. The poison causes paralysis wherever it touches which can be fatal in the right areas. 


-- No zanpaktou- The scientist that created Miwa thought that the perfect fighter shouldn't need a zanpaktou, as a result Miwa was created with the inability to use a zanpaktou. While she has adapted it does mean she can do a lot less compared to her opponents.

--Reiatsu manipulation- Compared to the rest of her skills this is quite poor. Miwa has a high reiastsu reserve but she can't do much with it.


Unarmed: 94/100
Melee: 71/100
Reiatsu/Reiyoku Manipulation: 43/100 
Physical Strength: 86 /100
Speed: 94/100 
Agility: 92/100
Endurance: 88/100
Intelligence: 81/100
Zanpakuto: 0/100
Spiritual Pressure: 91/100

Total: 739/1000

Reiatsu color: Dark green
Inner world: N/a


Creation: Miwa was originally an experiment of one of the head scientists of the Hunter organisation. He wanted to create the perfect fighter as well as replicate the powers of Medusa. Her creator put a lot of time into her creation but failed to achieve his original aim. He had attached snakes to Miwa's head that he'd modified to have abilities of there own but they didn't work and just sorta hung there, though they were alive. Though he was successful in merging a poison with Miwa's blood that an effect similar to Medusa's eyes, he also was able to make a pretty talented fighter. Miwa never made it out of testing because her creator felt she wasn't enough and was constantly modifying her, until the Hunter's fall.

After the Hunters: All the Hunter experiments were gathered and evaluated. Someone in central 46 believed that Miwa would be useful for the shinigami. She received more testing and training and was eventually placed into Hidden Force where she serves today.

The template and stats template are by :iconsnakes-on-a-plane:

I'm really tired so sorry if things aren't awesome, I'll be fixing things when I have the energy. :)



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20-fake screenshot
25- Character sheet (Price changed due to change in style/formatting.)
30- manga pages (one page) Temporarily closed

Limit of two characters for prices above, any extra are two points more.
Background does not cost extra.

Let me know if there is a particular one of my styles you want using as I do a few :D

If interested note me before sending the points please. :heart:

:iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesopen: :iconcollabsask:

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I've finally got some free time! I finished my unit for college and have a weekend of nothing. I'm probably going to work on some of my unfinished stuff and maybe practise writing. :D

Things are starting to settle so hopefully I can get on here more often, even if it's just replying to comment. Speaking of messages, I spent all day clearing my inbox and didn't have much chance to comment on all the stuff I wanted to but I'm going to make sure I do in future. I also think I'm going to try and start talking to you guys more, if you don't mind...

How are you guys? Anything interesting happen lately?

Thank you for reading. :hug:
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